McFarlenes to Do AVP Figures

by Corpral Hicks
    |     Movies

A while ago I posted an article on AVPWorld claiming that Mcfarlenes may be featuring figures from the new Alien vs Predator film due out later this year.

Well according to, McFarlenes are going to be the company bringing us the figures as a seperate set to the Movie Maniacs.

Heres a bit from the article:

"High-end resin collectibles will be in the good hands of Palisades. Very much like McFarlane, Palisades is no stranger to the properity. Palisades' upcoming AVP pieces were shown at the UK Toy Fair in the form of concept art. Due to licensing restrictions via FOX, we are not permitted to show you these. I will say that an Alien and Predator with intricate interlocking bases are involved. As is an Alien Queen. "

Sounds cool, Read the article.

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